Software Development Services

External Service Model
The external service model aims to minimize communication-centric cost risks of the project by having our engineers work at the customer's office, which brings them closer to customers.

Offshore Delivery Model
Our offshore delivery model covers completion of studies at our own office until the project is ready for testing.

Working at the Customer's Office
To reduce costs to minimum in projects which may imply high communication costs due to security concerns, we adopt the model of working at the customer's office.

Hybrid Delivery Model
In this model, the project is implemented by two separate teams, one at the customer's office and one at ours. The team positioned at the customer's office remains in constant contact with the customer, reducing communication costs. The offshore team working at the Erkyazılım office provides support to the other team to ensure that the project is concluded as soon as possible.

Business Partnerships with Universities

Erkyazılım is a commercial enterprise which attaches great importance to exchange of information between universities and R&D experience of universities. In this regard, Erkyazılım is working together with many specialized universities in the field of consultancy and inspection.

Erkyazılım is collaborating with academic members at the departments of Computer Sciences and Information and Document Management of a great number of universities such as Istanbul University, Marmara University, Ankara University, Hacettepe University and Sabancı University.