Web Content Management

With participatory techniques, Web Content Management System or WCMS is a software system that help creation and editing of documents or similar content. Content management systems, which are described, in a narrow sense, as the software for creating a website and illustrating the information on webpages in a desired way, have become a modern technique of asset management that has become a must for many organizations internationally. Today, content management systems have become a software industry which is divided in itself.

WCMS is aggregate of operations enabling to manage workflow in joint works. These operations may be manual or computer-based. They are designed to:

  • allow a great number of people to reach and modify shared data,
  • grant role-defined authority for the accessible data,
  • ensure easy storage and reading of data,
  • create the necessary contexts to reduce the quantity of repeated and recurrent data,
  • facilitate report-writing,
  • improve communication between users.

In WCMS, data can be anything such as documents, films, images, telephone numbers, scientific data etc. WCMS is generally used for saving, controlling and reviewing (enhancing) and displaying data. The centre runs on a data warehouse and adds the version information to the newly added folders. The operation of adding version information is one of the major advantages of WCMS.