KolayPortal WCM Enterprise Web Content Management

You can work with your clients, associates and employees online with KolayPortal because of its superior specialties.

You can make your job on service 7 days and 24 hours with no interruption with the updated data and the specialized content you enable.


KolayPortal is a solution which describes multiple sites and enables you to manage all the sites from one center. You can manage effectively your sites on different aspects and contents and you can enable the integration of the sites using different applications, languages and functions on the site base.


With the help of KolayPortal, you can manage your site with the option of numerous languages from one center by using the same portal product. While your employees from different countries are managing the site with their own language selection, you can broadcast on the same portal structure with unlimited language selection to your customers.


The availability of personalisation of Kolayportal helps your customers organize the content according to their interests and helps you realize your campaigns more efficiently according to personal information.


With the help of Kolayportal’s framework, you can realize your program specialization you want with your own programmer without having detailed information about programming and portal structure. In the future, when the core software is updated, there will be no loss of software codification done before by your programmers and printmakers.


You can describe unlimited users’ group and authority to content saving and publishing, special to those groups. With its multi user management structure, management of your site enables to the person himself to save the core of the data.


With KolayPortal there is no need to an extra program to manage your site. With the help of web based management interface, all of the information; statistics, order state etc. kind of works; on the site is accessible and updatable from your home, your office etc. independent from locality.