• Acknowledge customer satisfaction as our foremost priority;
  • Approach our customers exceptionally kindly and decently;
  • Be candid, cheerful, humble, consistent in our words and tirelessly hardworking;
  • Keep away from greedy ambitions of piling up wealth;
  • Listen to, understand and value each other;
  • Establish honest and frank relations, and not be political;
  • Work in a planned and disciplined manner;
  • Recognize that each of our colleagues is different and unique;
  • Trust and be reliable ourselves;
  • Be solution, objective and outcome oriented;
  • Place emphasis on data confidentiality of our customers;
  • Place emphasis on data security of our customers;
  • Keep a good balance of our business and social lives;
  • Be the one followed, not the follower;
  • Think globally and come up with local solutions;
  • Strive to achieve international success;
  • Recommend the most accurate solutions in line with efficiency and cost analyses;
  • Export technology, not import it;
  • Use data as a shared power, not as a concealed capacity;
  • Develop solutions which can be integrated to others instead of coming up with independent ones; and
  • Follow the new rules of economy well.