TSE Expert Database - Personnel Recruitment Application

The TSE Expert Database application is a platform employed by TSE to access experienced and knowledgeable human resources in various fields of profession. In the meantime, the human resources department of TSE utilizes this platform to recruit personnel. Whilst being equipped with most features of conventional job search websites, the application also meets TSE's special needs (collecting information from candidates by creating custom dynamic forms during application etc.) as well.

It enables the TSE human resources department to make sure personnel recruitment adverts are published on the website as soon as they are published on the official gazette; only applications conforming to specific conditions are accepted (such as KPSS, YDS, OMMS etc. scores and population registry data being accessible); managers and candidates are informed throughout all stages of application; candidates eligible for an interview are screened out; and results are announced on the website.

The platform facilitates it for candidates to describe and express themselves before TSE as well as possible. Candidates are able to create a professional résumé step by step in this sense. It can then be sent through e-mail or printed out in PDF format to be sent to another address. They may upload existing résumés in conventional formats or other documents like medical reports and diplomas. Candidates can log in to the application using their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, and transfer their LinkedIn references to their TSE Expert Database accounts.

Using our application, TSE has recruited personnel on 2 occasions with 5 different adverts so far. Out of all these, 3 were adverts to recruit disabled personnel.
Our application remained constantly (100%) functional. During this process, more than 20 thousand members registered.
Over 20 thousand résumés were created and more than 20 thousand files uploaded, average total size of the files corresponding to 14 GB. Also, more than 10 thousand applications were received.
Thanks to our application, the necessity of personally going to Ankara and submitting an application was eliminated. Thousands of paper was saved.
The human resources department of TSE was persistently in control to ensure fair recruitment.

We would like to thank the Information Processing and Human Resources departments of TSE for their contributions during the process of application development

Municipality of Ümraniye – e-Municipality Project

With the solutions provided by Erkyazılım, the Municipality of Ümraniye is now offering higher-quality services to its inhabitants through Internet and telephone facilities.

Ümraniye is one of the fastest-growing and largest districts of Istanbul with a population exceeding 1.000.000. The Municipality of Ümraniye decided to work with Erkyazılım in 2002 to add interactivity and ease of access to its municipal services.

The Solution,

In 2002, Erksoft firstly prepared a Web portal where all municipal activities could be published in up-to-date form for the Municipality of Ümraniye to offer its services to citizens in a better-structured manner. Municipal users received training on the portal and updates started to be undertaken by municipal personnel.  The portal was improved in design and content management in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. Furthermore, the Municipality of Ümraniye became the first municipality to use an address with the extension of In August 2006, the Web portal was renewed again with a brand new concept for municipalities.

Within the second stage of the project, an IVR system was installed in 2002 with the inclusion of such services as on-the-phone information on municipal services, information on application documents, voicemail for requests and complaints to the service desk, voicemail to the Mayor and inquiring on tax obligations. This project had its deserved place among the firsts for municipalities in Turkey.

The third stage of the project incorporated the opening of a new service channel in 2002 whereby citizens could pay their tax obligations

with a credit card, inquire on their current debts and print out receipts.

Within the scope of the fourth stage of the project, the White Desk unit receiving all requests and complaints at the municipality was transformed into a call centre. Again as a first for municipalities, a system was installed that enabled all calls received by the White Desk to be recorded and detailed reports to be generated on the performance analysis of personnel, incoming applications and relevant solutions and resolution times.

As the fifth stage of the project, the Multi-Channel Transmission Hub – Pigeon product was rolled out. This product serves as a hub for tax obligation reminders, bulletins on the activities of the Mayor and the Municipality, congratulatory messages and announcements on events that are carried out within the Municipality.  Conversations with taxpayers are being recorded.

Along with the final stage of the project, Video Streaming service was made available and through the service, the municipal trailer and the Çanakkale Movie could be watched without any problems by up to 100 viewers at the same time.

Various legs of this project implemented at the Municipality of Ümraniye were the first of their kinds in Turkey and constituted an example for other municipalities.  Among the services provided in 2002, the Municipality On the Phone application made it to the cover of IT Business magazine.

Diyarbakır Municipality E-Diski Project

Diyarbakır Water Administration has gained a solution enabling interaction with customers thanks to Erkyazılım solutions.

  • E-payment
  • E-appeal
  • Due payment check
  • Subscriber scan
  • Call center access
  • Reporting
  • Multi-channel customer relations

Global Excellence Award to E-Bursagaz Project

Bursagaz offers higher quality online service to customers and business partners using Erkyazılım solutions.

The 3rd biggest gas distribution firm of Turkey, Bursagaz carried its corporate services to the online environment without compromising the international standards the firm adheres to. Instead of directly transferring corporate processes to the web, the firm implemented a more reliable and better controlled project by integrating them to WAN servers through web service interfaces developed with Microsoft technologies.

The firm's integration software was designed to operate in synchronization with "KolayPortal XL", corporate portal product developed by Erkyazılım, and the corporate subscriber monitoring system.

Bursagaz has certified its corporate quality by winning the "Award of Excellence" at the International Webaward Contest 2006, the 10th instance of the contest, with its E-Bursagaz project.

A successful corporate faceplate was established for in terms of design, facility, technology and innovation in 2005 thanks to the solution-oriented project partnership with Erkyazılım. Thanks to the "Kolay Portal XL" product, the corporate portal, which is the firm's introduction to the customer, was equipped with technologic infrastructure that could be updated by Bursagaz personnel at any time or maintained when necessary.

Ali Bayrak, Director of Bursagaz Information Systems, said: "As a local firm, we are proud to have won an international award in the name of Bursa. This award given to the website of Bursagaz leans against the customer-oriented, perfectionist and high-tech approach adopted by Bursagaz. With this award, we have proven once again that Bursagaz serves at global standards."

The project's success comes from the "request list and preliminary analysis" document finely issued by Bursagaz, a web concept appropriately designed in line with the firm's corporate identity and the "constant project development" agreement concluded by Bursagaz and Erkyazılım.

"While adapting well-projected demands to a convenient corporate form was an advantage for our firm, our efforts were also especially fueled by the fact that our customer had high expectations. In general, your work is considered to have been completed once the project is published but we held meetings with the Bursagaz Information Systems team and kept track of the intensive development process in order to ensure sustainable quality. Therefore, we were particularly proud and happy to realize and sustain a project that is always up-to-date and improves constantly." image

The WMA is proud to present this


in Web Development


WINNER NAME: Bursagaz A.S. - Natural Gas Utility

AWARD: Energy Standard of Excellence

Aydem Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş.

Aydem offers higher quality online service to customers and business partners using Erkyazılım solutions.

AYDEM Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş. started its electricity distribution and retail sale services in August 2008.

Operating in compliance with the Electricity Market Law, Aydem is the first licensed private electricity distribution and retail firm to have entered the sector. Within its electricity distribution area, which includes the provinces of Aydın, Denizli and Muğla, the firm serves approximately 1.5 million subscribers with distribution and retail services.

The corporate portal product "Easy Portal XL" by Erkyazılım and the "Online Services" system, through which customers of Aydem can check their due payments, consumption graphs and indexes, both operate in synchronization with the corporate customer monitoring system.

After easily subscribing by entering their grid and counter numbers on Aydem's corporate website, customers are able to access online services using the e-mail addresses and passwords specified by them. Online services present real-time data to customers by accessing Altelk's corporate customer monitoring system through web services.

If desired, customers may choose to receive the online bill notification service, which regularly e-mails issued bill data to them.

Operating around the principles of "ensuring zero complaints" and "no excuses" in its area of service, Aydem strives to deliver uninterrupted and quality service to its customers by harnessing advanced technology and solutions offered by Erkyazılım.