TOP is stronger now

On a Saturday night last week, we released the 2nd version of İ which we had put a lot of effort into.

At the beginning of 2012, we had started project works to renew İ which we had opened in 2007. We started active production in May, after project planning, and at the end of a software development process of over 2200 hours, we created a brand new While the software was written by us, we acted with the team of Incehesap in analysis. While the design, which was thought of with its fineness, came from Zen Dizayn, we worked on the elaborate section on html with W3 Newyork.

We found the chance to apply some features, which are known in the sector but not used much, as a whole in İ One of them, which I like the most, is the system of the pictures of product features.

Ürün görseli altı özellikler Ürün görseli altı özellikler

We have developed a mechanism which presents the features that had been defined on the products for comparison and filters, as a main display by combining them with the image of the product. When product features are changed or there is another feature that is wanted to be highlighted, the system produces a new one instantly and includes in the release.

By the way, about the products, I must tell about advantage packages too. The products are packaged among themselves and advantageous packages are listed below the products, and it is made possible for the visitor to take the best opportunities with the fairest figures.

Avantaj paketi

Another feature that I like is the "Special for You" suggestion structure that offers suggestions to users. The system follows the user, his tastes and habits regularly, and offers products special for everyone. As you see, I surfed about portables a little too much :)

Sizin için size özel ürünler

Another one of the great novelties that come is the fragmental payment system. If the amount that is to be paid exceeds the limit on a single card of yours, you can distribute it to different cards and realise your shopping.

İncehesap parçalı ödeme

We have taken the Product Advisor of the previous version one step further in this version, and produced a faster and more effective structure. Schematic presentation has an effect in this too. Revisions for the better are on the way.

The opportunity system presents current and future opportunities in a more skilful way. You had better check it from time to time ;)



We have been particularly attentive about SEO works with the team of İncehesap and although there are serious structural differences between the old site and the new one, we have directed almost every link, including all product, category, product images, the images uploaded by members, comments, questions & answers, in a way that they will correspond in the new system.

I have tried to tell about some on the nice features of İ; even though I cannot detail all of them, I can say that you will be able to find even better ones as you surf ;) I believe that will raise its bar much higher in 2013 and later with the positive energy that its new face and infrastructure gives. The aims are big, the teams are strong...

Now it's time to share the news. Manşet Android has been updated!

Today, we have released a new version of our Gazete Manşetleri (Newspaper Headlines) android application, first version of which we released in last May.

The novelties and improvements that come with the new version:

  • Being able to share via e-mail by cutting the wanted section from newspaper pages,
  • A more practical and modern interface,
  • Compatible with all android devices with Android 2.1 and higher,
  • Access to more newspapers

Screenshots from the new version:

You can access the updated versions of the application from the links below.

This time, iOS users will need to wait a little ;)

2nd Period Questioners of Ask the President

President Gül Directly Answered the Questions That Had Been Selected With Your Votes


Cumhurbaşkanı'na sorun 2. Dönem Soru Sahipleri ve Erkyazılım

The sentence "Everything starts with dreaming" may sound like a meaningless sentence for those who dreamed much in their lives but were disappointed in the end, who sank into pessimism with the inadequacy of the things they had done for the things that they had wanted to obtain.

Nevertheless, there is hope for everything, and we should be hopeful.

Who would have said the great high state officials would address anyone from the public, and value his/her questions and especially value him/her? Who would have said the President would host these people very nicely, value their opinions and sincerely answer the questions they ask?

Yes! No matter how extraordinary it looks for the Presidency, it will remain as an unforgettable memory for the owners of the questions.

We carry out many projects at the Palace, and I found the chance to have a chat, for a short while though, with the Questioners of the 2nd Period at the lunch break of a day when we had gone for a meeting again.

The excitement and happiness I saw in them increased my faith as to how good the work that I do is.
My determination to hammer away at my works and projects increased even more.

I share with you the photograph that the friends and I had taken, for the sake of leaving a mark on history.