Digitization Project for the Archive of T.R. Presidency

The part of our journey of KAMAG project, which we had started two years ago, at the Presidency finalised in November 2012. During this period, archive documents, which had extreme importance, of the Presidency, the most important institution of Turkey, were scanned in high resolution and transferred into digital environment by our expert team. Therefore, a very significant contribution was made into protecting the document memory of such an important institution of our country like the Presidency for a long time.

Timetable of KAMAG - E-Belgem Project

I must say that we had an extremely productive and enjoyable 2 years with our team at the Presidency Archive which is a particular example in terms of document variety. I must proudly say that this project has been the first archive project which complies with the TS 13298 "Information and documentation – Electronic Document Management" Standard. It must be stated that, with this important project, we have progressed to an extent that cannot be underestimated in the matter of "Developing National Technologies for the Effective Management and Sharing of Electronic Documents in Public Institutions". As a result of this work, a digital archive collection that is an example for all institutions was created.

Since the start of the project, we held tens of meetings with the Secretariat General of T.R. Presidency Department of Information Technologies, as TÜBİTAK and Erkyazılım. Although we had stressful moments from time to time during this process, now, all the troubles and all the stress have completely turned into joy for this milestone that our project has come to.

We probably would not have been able to finalise this intense and tiring period of time so successfully without the ability of the Secretariat General of T.R. Presidency Department of Information Technologies in solving and managing processes, patronage and contributions of the Secretariat General of T.R. Presidency Department of Administrative and Financial Works- Archive Directorate, support of Mr. Veysi Öztürk and Mr. Fikret Şanlı, our Project Managers on the side of TÜBİTAK, contribution of Mr. Uğur Duran in the analysis processes, experiences of Mr. Recayi Bayram in document types and languages, our DAP Project team leader İnci Öztürk's skill in managing a team of 23 people and devoted works of the other friends in the team.



TCCB (Presidency of the Republic of Turkey) and Erkyazılım project team

It makes us excited to know that each document that has been transferred into digital environment will cast light on the work of a researcher in the years to come. It makes us even more excited to know that each digitalised document will be kept with index information and inventory number on the database, researchers will access the documents faster, and most important of all, that the documents' originals will be worn out less from now on due to reasons like displacement and touching and to have an even little share in these documents' reaching next generations.

Highlights from Presidency Digital Archive Project

  • A Service Bureau personnel of averagely 15 people worked, being Maximum 23 and Minimum 12.
  • A personnel of 30 people was reached at maximum, with the personnel of the TCCB institution.
  • A total of 21 computers were used;
  • 4 Quality,
  • 7 Index,
  • 2 Virtual Bracket,
  • 6 Scans,
  • 1 Negative Scan,
  • 1 Administrative
  • Fast Scanning finished on 2 February 2012. 744,903 pages of fast scans were realised.
  • Sensitive Scan finished on 13 November 2012. 1,284,361 pages of sensitive scans were realised.
  • Assortment finished on 22 November 2012. Assortment of 2,029,916 pieces was realised.
  • A total of 750,666 pieces of documents in 34 different document types were scanned.
  • 2,029,264 pages were scanned in total.
  • In the project;
  • 1 Zeutschel OS 12000 HQ
  • 4 Microbox Ultra A2
  • 100,000 pieces of barcodes were printed.
  • With the Virtual Assortment Process, 200,000 pieces of printed barcodes were saved.
  • If these documents were to be added end to end, they would reach approximately 852 km of length and 247,164 km2 area.
  • The size of the Main Documents scanned at 400 dpi reached approximately 70 TB.
  • Roaming copy size reached approximately 3 TB.
  • Indexing of 41,448,302 characters was done.
  • The first digitalised document was a letter from the period of Celal BAYAR.
  • The last digitalised document was a report from the period of Süleyman DEMİREL.

The Book2Net Ultra model scanners; which had been ordered specially from Germany for the project, which can do 400 DPI optical scanning and enable us to use time that is our most valuable asset in the most effective way, were used for the first time in Turkey in our project.


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