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  • Global Excellence Award to E-Bursagaz Project

    Bursagaz offers higher quality online service to customers and business partners using Erkyazılım solutions.

  • OTürk Ottoman Documents Asset Database Project

    “OTÜRK DIGITAL” project which was created within the scope of “Islam Seljuk Ottoman and Turkish World Documentary” produced and directed by Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kala, provides more than 250,000 documents to be available for today’s researchers.

  • Ministry of Interior Civil Registration and Citizenship Digital Archive Project (NVI DAP)

    National Scientific Fund – KAMAG Project was funded 100% by the state under the partnership of Erkyazılım, Tubitak National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology, T.R. Ministry of Interior Civil Registration and Citizenship (NVI). With this project which commenced on the date of 01.11.2010 and was completed on 01.09.2013, it was targeted to; Allow the requests of Citizens, Courts and other institutions to be responded quickly, Prevent the loss of time and labor force resulting from operations such as access to archived paper documents, taken them out of the archive and multiplying them and archiving again, Indexing of documents in paper environment in accordance with their corporate functions and original order on digital environment, Prevent the wear and destruction resulting from physical usage of the documents, therefore preventing the corporate responsibilities and deprivation of rights to arise from the destruction of documents, Creating an infrastructure that will allow operation with other e-government projects such as MERNIS.

  • Archive Automation Project of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Archive Automation Project of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is exciting both state officials and all our employees that are contributing to it. Under the Project, it is planned to transfer 25 million documents covering all political relations between Turkey and foreign countries to digital environment. For this work, 250 personnel and 2 industrial scanners, the most advanced ones in the world and 6 precision-scanners are being used.

  • You just ask, TSE will answer

    While brainstorming with the TSE Information Technologies team about the subject, we realised that a platform, in which human answers will be able to be received to human questions, would fill a significant gap for those on the field who do business with TSE and those who are interested in the subject. When we developed the matter a little bit more, we saw that our question and answer product, which we had built with the name Cumhurbaşkanına Sorun (Ask the President of the Republic) for T.R. Presidency as well, had quite a good application area.

  • TSE Expert Database - Personnel Selection Application

    TSE Expert database application is a platform for accessing human resources that have information and experience in different business lines of TSE.

  • Digitization Project for the Archive of T.R. Presidency

    The first archive project that is compatible with the standard “TSE 13298. Information and Documentation – Electronic Records Management”.

  • An expansion in power distribution sector: Aydem Mobile

    Aydem, which renders electricity distribution service in the provinces of Aydın, Denizli, Muğla, It can now render its customers service on mobile platform too, with the iPhone application.

  • After a project: Bursagaz Digital Archive Project

    11,500,000 pages, which comprise Bursagaz’s 20-year-old archive, were classified, and 10 types of different documents from 10 different departments were scanned.

  • "Ask the President" Questions and Answers Software Platform

    The Presidency uses the software platform “KolayPortal XL Soru Cevap” in the project “Ask the President”. Software infrastructure of the project “CBSorun” (Ask the President) has many features. In following stages of the project, we will continue to renovate and develop the infrastructure based on expectations of visitors.